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Beginnings are different for everyone…Ivy Mason is no exception.

After the car accident that took the life of her only friend, Ivy feels completely alone. Her family’s sudden move to Kilgore, Texas only adds to her feelings of solitude.

Kilgore holds a secret, though. It is a military guarded installation, inhabited by teens affected by the BV49 inoculation and their families. BV49 was meant to cure blood born diseases, but to some, it did more. Unlocking abilities long forgotten, strengths thought to be unnatural and a hunger that could be deadly. The government called them Liber Cruor – Blood Child and Ivy is one of them.

Her entire world is changing. She is changing. Her life is becoming more fantasy than reality. She must learn to control her abilities, embrace her new home, and uncover the truth about her Immortal Beginnings.

Spring 2012
From White Bird Publications


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